The Heroes Of Elephants From The Early Movies Of The Disney

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Elephants seem to have a gigantic part in the modern culture. The wisdom of elephants as they get older is something that we see reflective in people. The calmness and strength of the elephant are virtues that many cultures would love to see as part of their own selves. One of the most famous among all elephants is Dumbo from the early movies of the Disney. Dumbo is an adorable elephant born to a circus mom. However, all of the other elephants and animals make fun of him due to his enormous flappy ears. On the bright side, Dumbo is able to overcome that problem and even learns to fly with his big ears. He teaches us the value of friendship and of finding good things within ourselves instead of just giving up. In reality, an elephant is …show more content…

In order to preserve and increase the number of the elephants in Asia, these animals should be protected and reintroduced to the wild and their habitats must be restored and expanded. One of the greatest threats to Asian elephants in Asia is the loss of habitat. Throughout the tropical regions of Asia, humans have cleared large areas of forest and river valleys for settlement (, par. 3). The World Wildlife Fund states that large industrial and development projects such as dams, tea and coffee plantations, roads, and railway lines have broken up what was once elephant habitats into small fragments (par. 1). This fragmentation process hinders the seasonal migration and breeding of the clan. In addition, habitat loss also affects the elephant’s diet. According to National Geographic, an adult elephant consumes up to 300 pounds of food every day (par. 5). “These hungry animals do not sleep much, and they roam over great distances while foraging for the large quantities of food they require to sustain their massive bodies,” (National Geographic, par. 6). Without having a big chunk of land for the elephants to graze and roam around, their lifestyles and well-being would be in danger. According to Choompol Ngampongsai, wild elephants in Thailand are mostly confined to small protected areas that are unable to support the complete home range of an entire

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