Elie Wiesel Lose Humanity

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Night Essay Over ten million people died during the Holocaust, and over six million of them were Jewish. The book Night, is about Elie Wiesel, a Romanian child that was taken to a concentration camp. In the camp, Wiesel and his dad are separated from his mom and sister. In the book, many themes are used such as humanity. The prisoners slowly lose humanity in the camp and it is necessary for them to survive incidents such as fighting for bread, risking their lives for soup, and beating up people. On the train ride that the prisoners all take, some workers throw small pieces of bread into the train car. The prisoners fight each other for some of it. An elderly man goes and gets some but then gets attacked by his son. The elderly man says, “I’ve got… some bread for you.” The son is losing humanity because he is willing to attack his father for some bread. When the son is crushing his father, he says, “You’re killing your father!”(106). The son is even willing to kill his own father for a scrap of bread. In the beginning of the book all Wiesel wants to do is to stay with his father and not let him die, but during the …show more content…

There were two cauldrons of soup left out, that were each half full. Wiesel states that “We saw the door of Block 37 open imperceptibly”(66). A man came out of the block and went to the cauldrons. When the man is at the foot of the cauldron, Wiesel says that “Jealousy consumed us, burned us up like straw” and “In our thoughts we were murdering him” (67). These quotes are proof that the prisoners have lost some humanity because they envy the man getting soup even though they know he is going to die. After the man that tried to get the soup died, the author says “In the afternoon we went cheerfully to clear away the ruins”(68). He says that because they have lost humanity because they don't feel sorry for the man that died because it doesn't affect the prisoners if the man lived or

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