Eliminate the Drinking Age in Canada Essay

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Around the world, alcohol is used in many different ways: consuption, disinfectent,in religion and is also used for havin a good time. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can leave you in a drunk state and too much alcohol can kill you. This is why there is a legal driking age in Canada. However in certain parts of Europe, there is not a drinking age and even with no drinking age, there are less alcohol involved accidents per year. We should eliminate the drinking age in Canada because it will reduce the amount of accidents caused involving alcohol, will prevent fewer people from becoming alcoholics and will lower the amount of crimes committed. Eliminaiting the dri king age in Canada will decrease the amount of …show more content…

This could have been prevented if we did not have a drinking age. A young adult is more likely to have a drink because they enjoy breaking the rules and a thirty year old will have more common sense and moderate their drinking. If there was no law to the age limit of drinking, then it would not be a big deal to young adults since there is no rule to be broken, and therefore they could be doing something that a fourteen year old might be also doing which in their state of mind becomes" lame." Eliminaiting the drinking age will also help prevent less people from becoming alcoholics. Even though this fact can be hard to comprehend it is a true and proven fact. There are many different reasons why a person drinks, such as depression caused by the death of a loved one, to forget bad memories, to" fit in"socially and to follow their role models. In the "Hunger Game" series, the character Hamitch is a heavy alcoholic. He drinks because he wants to forget the memories that he had during the games. Alcohol affects many parts of one's body including the brain. It mainly causes problems for the person's memory like in the movie "The Hangover" (2007). Alcohol affects the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is responsible for memory. "Alcohol is a depreseant due to the fact that it slows the brain down. The sugar

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