Elimination of the Fourth Ammendment: Freedom and Privacy Essay

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How dare the government completely disregard the constitution and eliminate the fourth amendment. It is not necessary to collect all of the US citizen’s data and invade their privacy in order to fight terrorism. The government tells the people it is necessary because they have a secret agenda. The burden of worrying about someone reading one’s emails, listening to one’s phone calls, and ultimately invading one’s privacy is called tyranny. The absence of those worries is called liberty. In recent times the US government has been called out, on numerous occasions by whistle-blowers, about some of the secrets they are keeping from the public. “Leaking information is very dangerous. The Obama Administration has embarked on a war on …show more content…

Just because someone thinks they have done nothing wrong does not mean the government thinks they have done nothing wrong. Not a lot of people are aware that Obama passed the National Defense Authorization Act and what exactly this means. “Section 1021 of the NDAA bill of 2012 allowed for the "indefinite detention of American citizens without due process at the discretion of the President (Hagler)." What is not to say the government is not using the mass surveillance programs to see which people are questioning the government’s political agenda? Since it is now the governments right to “indefinitely detain” anyone they so wish, without a trail, what is not to say the government cannot throw those people into concentration or FEMA camps? History has a tendency to repeat itself. Only the most ignorant believe the government does not lie. The sad reality is more people would prefer to believe a lie over the truth because it is more comfortable. The department of homeland security exists not to protect citizens from terrorism but to protect the lying, corrupt, thugs in office from the American people. The government has legalized criminal conduct so that way Americans cannot prosecute them as they deserve. Most people are not even aware their privacy is being violated because it is being done digitally and not physically. Even if someone has nothing to hide, are they really going to give up their freedoms for which generations

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