Elishade And Orsi Analysis

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When choosing a theorist that best describes religion with clarity and concise points, Clifford Geertz displays a superior definition in comparison to Eliade and Orsi. According to Geertz, religion is a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations in men. He argues that religion creates a facade of a general order of existence, leading to seemingly factual/uniquely realistic moods and motivations. While all religions vary in viewpoints, prayer remains an axis connecting each to the others. More specifically, time and time again, those dealing with sickness and suffering have turned from medical healing to the powers of prayer. Geertz establishes the power of prayer as a symbol regarding religion and its importance within a variety of religious groups such as the Amish, Jewish, and Episcopalian views within Christianity. With the subtleties that Geertz defines within the functioning of symbols, religion can create different moods and motivations for believers. Despite the fact that worldview created through symbols varies by religion, there is a common core of religious vernacular within prayers that act as a symbol that connects different religions together. Despite the fact that worldview varies, many religions share a commonality of religious jargon which connects their religious symbols. …show more content…

To Orsi, religion is explaining, understanding or modeling reality by means of a “meaning-making” symbol system to further establish relationships. The main difference between Orsi and Geerts is that Orsi assumes religion is “good or bad”. By being objective, Orsi creates an opinion that religion is very one-sided and that pigheadedness leads to cultural bias between different religions such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To search for authenticity of many religions would denote from the core ambitious nature of many

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