Elizabeth Blackwell Research Paper

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A Long Journey to Saving Lives Elizabeth Blackwell was breaking news when she was officially named the first female medical doctor. Although she was born in Bristol England, Elizabeth Blackwell had a dual citizenship. She held a citizenship in England and one in America because she moved to New York at a young age. It is interesting to note that Blackwell did not even want to be a doctor. She considered studying medicine when her dying female friend said she would have scheduled an appointment if she had a female doctor. (Binns 21). This was the start of her career and interest in medicine. In a time that it was forbidden for women to have a legitimate profession, Blackwell received a medical degree. She graduated with the best grades in her class, despite being thought of as a practical joke ( She worked with her sister, and later on worked with men. Her career began to blossom and she developed a fantastic reputation. She went on to open her own practice and win many awards. Despite facing much opposition, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female doctor, paving the way for all future women. In her earlier years, Blackwell was faced with a challenging handicap. She was pursuing her goal of becoming a doctor, and because of this, she encountered antagonism. With much …show more content…

He proved the doctors had no control over her death and there was nothing they could have done to save her. This calmed down the crowd outside, because they trusted a male’s doctor’s opinion (Binns 53). There was no aftermath of this incident. In fact, the infirmary was a major success for Blackwell. In the first year that the infirmary was open, the doctors were able to treat 866 patients. The next year it doubled the amount of patients that it treated in its first year. By the 1920s, forty-five female doctors were working in the infirmary, and there were both male and female

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