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Neurology Associates LLP. vs Elizabeth Blackwell, MD

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Class XXXX, Section XXXX, Fall 2011

Case: Neurology Associates LLP, vs Elizabeth Blackwell, MD

Overview of Facts

In May 2005, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell earned her Medical Doctor Degree and she was hired by the Neurology Associates LLP, located in Longville state in June 2005. She has been offered different jobs before, but Dr. Elizabeth concluded by choosing Neurology Associates LLP because of the interval between her home and family. The employment agreement, signed by Dr.Elizabeth, included detailed clauses of compensation terms, vacation, on all duties and fringe benefit package. NA agreed to pay $1,000 for the course …show more content…

Summary of arguments: Defendant
The restrictive clause will only be enforced by the State of Longville courts if it is a reasonably necessary to protect the interests of the employer and courts may also reform the parts of the covenant if it is too broad. But in this case it should not be enforced, because customer and employee needs did not match up, and the entire southwestern region of Longville state might be too broad for covering customer needs. An the doctor of neurological sciences serves the interest of the public while practicing her trade. Therefore public needs should be in the first place, and the restrictive covenant must be unenforced. The Defense argument
Elizabeth Blackwell showed herself as a dedicated and diligent doctor during five years of work in Neurological Associates, and made a significant contribution to the profit margin of the partnership. The partners were delighted with hiring Blackwell in 2005 and they introduced her to medical physicians at a conference. But the referral base Blackwell went through was not the result of that investment by the partnership but instead it was the evidence of her professionalism in neurological sphere.
It is hard to find professionals, such as Elizabeth Blackwell, in the field neurological sciences. It is absolutely unfair to limit Blackwell from practicing, when the need for her skill is so

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