Elizabeth Cady Stanton Tirelessly Worked for Women's Rights

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born in Johnston, New York on november 12,1815. She had 10 brothers and sisters, but only one brother. Her only brother died at the age of 22, she then had four siblings left. Her parents preferred boys over girls, so she tried to be the most like a boy that she could. She tried to be like a boy learning greek and horsemanship. All her father said was “Oh my daughter I wish you were a boy.” Her dad Daniel Cady was a very successful lawyer, and her mother ancestry was an american revolution hero. She went to college in 1830-1833. She made the best education of that time going to “Troy Female Seminary”. This school was the school with the best female education. She had a nervous collapse and dropped out due to fear of going to hell. She then had a strong dislike toward organized religions. In 1840 she met a man named Henry B. Stanton. He was an abolitionist which is a person who against slavery. At her wedding she made sure the word obey was not to be used at all. She did not change her name she kept her maiden name. She did not want her husband having any ruling over her. Henry wanted his wife to have what she wanted. He was not a rich man and could not give her everything. She stayed home and took care of their five kids. One off

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