Elizabeth Warren The Vanishing Middle Class Analysis

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Debt in America now has grown to be at the highest it has been compared to the decades before. People now spend tremendous about of money now then they have many years prior. Many people today have borrowed money that they can not seem to pay back, which debt begins to accumulate and may cause distress in many lives. Basically now there is no one preserving their own money, they’re are just spending their hard earned money. Elizabeth Warren, formerly a U.S. senator and also a teacher, addresses the middle class in her essay called “the vanishing middle class”. There are abundant of good ideas that she states in her essay. Elizabeth Warren is very effective in her argument because of three concepts that stand out the most were having high incomes but at a price, savings and debt, how different we use our money now compared with how we have in the past. Incomes now and back then have changed tremendously. In her essay “ the vanishing middle class” Elizabeth Warren states “ The answer is that the typical man working full-time, after adjusting for inflation, earns about $800 less than his father earned in the early 1970s. After decades of rising incomes earlier in the twentieth century, about thirty years ago wages for men have flatlined”. This shows that even though incomes have increased and changed over time people are still making less money than their parents have done due to wages not being increased for 30 years and due to the facts the people spend more on things

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