Being Born Into A Social Class

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Every person has a different idea of self worth. Worth has been linked to success and materials in this capitalistic and materialistic world. The United States wrote in its declaration of independence how each citizen has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and this saying has lasted throughout the generations. Class divisions have been set to distinguish between the lowest, the middle, and the ultra wealthy. These classes leave a lasting effect on the people and their idea of worth. To grow old in a nation where your life is deemed to be low class can negatively affect mental health and how people see themselves. Being born into a certain class will automatically place you beneath a percent and above others. What …show more content…

This “middle-class nation” is struggling to support all those who live in its borders and the misconceptions about wealth are vastly overrated. Furthermore, the idea of wealth and stability is incorrect, and there is a very sharp contrast between the rich and poor in the country. As the richest twenty percent of American hold ninety percent of the total household of the total household wealth in the country, those at the bottom have managed very poorly and suffer to get through the days. Along with its economic classes, American is known for its freedom, its liberty, and the melting pot of ethnicity. This ethnic diversity comes form the immigrant population in the country. However this perfect country is a major falsehood. These untrue ideals of harmony, freedom, success, and equality are deceptive and do not show the struggles that immigrants face when coming to this class dominated country. The immigrants of today do not come from just Europe, but overwhelmingly from Asia and Latin America. “They are driving a demographic shift so rapid that within the lifetimes of today 's teenagers, no one ethnic group – including whites of European descent – will comprise a majority of the nation 's population’ (Colombo, Cullen, Lisle). These immigrants challenge the social myth that everyone has an equal chance in life. They

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