Elizabethan Poor Laws Essay

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I think that the Elizabethan Poor Laws was a great idea since it provided basic and essential needs for those who were unable to do so for themselves. Eradiating poverty, homelessness, and other unfortunate situations is a very hard thing to do, but with these laws being put into place, it can be the start of a new era. With that being said, the Elizabethan Poor Laws have definitely influenced our current social welfare provisions, because many people today, who are unable to work can rely on things such as social security, WIC, food stamps, public housing, etc. in order to get by daily. These systems and organizations are ensuring that those who are unable to provide for themselves are not being isolated from society and civilization. They …show more content…

From the many requirements to be met in order to get the help that many people needed, to the punishment of those who were able to work but choose not to, it created a barrier for many people. People such as those who are illegal residents, those who live on the streets, those whose incomes are not enough to comfortably survive on but is “too much” to be eligible, and many other people who does not meet the requirements but still needs help to survive. These laws I believe are a form of social control. It controls who get help and who isn’t eligible. Not only that, but many people who receives the help are still being controlled after. For example, those who are receiving food camps can only purchase “certain” food items. I totally understand that many people try to manipulate the system. Nevertheless, no one should have to be told what they can and cannot purchase in order to feed their souls with nourishment or to properly groom themselves, unless it is imperative. Which in this case it isn’t. Why is it that people on food stamps aren’t allowed to by a sandwich at the corner store or purchase a deodorant and or a toothpaste at the dollar store? I think that is absurd. To be clear, I strongly agree with banning alcohol, cigarettes and other substances. What I do not agree with is the banning of hot foods, household supplies, and sanitary products such as

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