Embracing Dream And Identity Of Hong Kong

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Embracing Dream and Identity
In the 90s of the century, many important events happened between China and Hong Kong. Without questioning, one of the most influential incidents happened during this period of time was Hong Kong’s reunion with China in July 1997; it transformed Hong Kong from a colonial dependent territory to a Chinese administration region. The local Hong Kong people felt disoriented of their futures and many of them came to the question of their national identities; it is because the different political and educational system between Hong Kong and China makes the local Hong Kong people feel differentiated from the mainland Chinese people. Since Hong Kong and China has been separated for a few decades, the local Hong Kong people tend to localize themselves as “HongKongnese” instead of the “citizen of the People’s Republic of China”. While fearing to return to an autocratic political system, a large amount of Hong Kong people chose to immigrate to other places such as New York and California in search for their new identities and this led to a wave of immigration inside Hong Kong during the 90s. While these new immigrants are trying to pursue their own dreams as well as to embrace a new identity, they are forced to be in separation with their family and hometown, in the meanwhile, they are losing their old identity.
According to that, many Hong Kong movies released in the 90s conveys the stories of how young generation chasing their dreams in the foreign…
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