Emergency 24 Hour Dentist New York City

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Emergency 24 Hour Dentist New York City Dentistry is often not viewed as a practice that has to deal with emergencies. However, there are countless dental emergencies every day. So what do you do if you need emergency dental care in New York? New York has quite a few 24-hour emergency dentists to choose from. In fact, there is an entire network of 24-hour dentists set up to cover Long Island and New York City. Rest assured that if you have a dental emergency, there will always be a 24-hour dentist available to treat you. Morris Park Dental Dentists: Dr. Mitchell Elias, Dr. Elena Holtzman, Dr. Yung K. Kim, Dr. Stephen Giordano, Dr. Seung Lim, Dr. Ninus Ebrahimi, Dr. William Wolfson, Dr. Hankyu Cho, Dr. Sara Khaledi, Dr. Natalie Baker…show more content…
There are two locations, allowing them to provide more people with emergency dental care. Their 24-hour dental services extend to all major dental problems, and their 20 years of experience guarantees they have treated almost anything. They have a lab on site, digital x-rays, and the ability to offer sedation for patient comfort. Emergency Dental Care has a diverse team of general and specialty dentists to cover almost any dental concern. They accept insurance, Care Credit, and all major credit cards. Office Hours: Emergency Dental Care is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Dental Emergency Rescue Dental Emergency Rescue is a collection of emergency dentists across Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Manhattan. www.dentalemergencyrescue.com Their website lists ten emergency dentists in the above areas, as well as lists of general dentists. Each of these locations has an individual address and phone number. Emergency Dental Care is part of this organization. Dental Emergency Rescue has labs, sedation, sweet gas, specialists, and equipment for any dental problem. All dentistry offices included in this network are 24/7 emergency dentists that accept insurance and all major credit cards. Some individual offices do not accept Medicaid. FAQ 1. What should I do if my tooth gets knocked out? An avulsed, or knocked out, tooth is one of the most serious dental emergencies for permanent teeth. It is

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