Emergent Themes And Data Supported Findings Essay

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Emergent Themes and Data Supported Findings
Within the aid of the Critical Race Theory, the following themes emerged assisting the study’s research question and purpose. The developing themes are offered by followed data supported key findings, data. Participants were asked to discuss the challenge to dominant ideology, what they perceive as jeopardizing while teaching African American males to read and write. Teachers supplied attributions supporting the three pressing problem themes: 1) lack of awareness, 2) reluctance to write 3) shortage of multi-cultural professional development. The supported data findings expressed 46% of teachers identified African American male student’s lack an association of admiration of reading and lack of enthusiasm towards writing. Furthermore, 31% participants profess students not having inspiration or encompassing a deficiency with adequate reading grade level as a barrier. Finally, it was conveyed the student’s disengagement could force the teachers to create approaches to foster admiration for reading which intensifies stress to daily tasks of teaching, increasing the achievement gap among African American males and their counter peers.
• Participants were asked to discuss what they perceive as challenges while teaching African American males to write. The noticed acknowledgments supporting the theme: reluctance to write included the following: Teachers provided substantive statements supporting several emergent themes: 1) Insufficient

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