Emerson Thematic Statement

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Write a thematic statement for the essay “Self-Reliance”. Explain how Emerson's idea of Self-Reliance is different from and similar to the common use of the term (take care of your own needs and don't depend on others outside yourself). The essay “Self- Reliance” is different from the definition of only thinking of one’s own needs in the sense that Emerson explains that one should not only depend on themselves but to also not submit to the majority of ideas in society and obey by one’s own beliefs. Emerson relates being independent or “Self- Reliant” to the “genuine” feelings of an individual and how it should be taken pride of rather than pushed away by the conformities of society. Give 5 examples of figurative language and analyze how Emerson uses them to convey his message of self-reliance (Hint: your analysis should link back to the purpose you mention in the thematic statement above). 1 Joint-Stock Company: The meaning of this word is a company owned by multiple shareholders, but Emerson uses it in the sense of America being bound together through majority belief systems, but individual ideas should be recognized as well. 2 Sculpture: A sculpture is described as a carving of a 3D object, Emerson uses it as a term for explaining the memories that make a significant deal in society and being significant individually 3 Befriends: Acting like a friend, helping someone out, used by Emerson, he explains that befriending represents the good that is brought into the world

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