Emile Durkheim's View Of Religion

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There are a numerous amount of different perspectives when concerning religions and myths. One example is Emile Durkheim whose perspective of religion was that it was a social component of human beings. He suggested that people got their regions ideas, were taught how to carry out their rituals and developed their ideals as a result of their socialization. He believed that there were no false religions and added that religion quite dominated over its followers and made them dependent on it.
Durkheim tried to distinguish between religion and magic. He suggested that religious or sacred things are special and that commonplace things are profane. Magic rituals he claimed were just social events. Religious ideas were created while rituals were being performed causing many emotional participates to feel the presence of unseen beings among them, which was Durkheim’s idea of a sacred world. Durkheim stated that there is “no church of magic” and that there was no lasting bond between the magician and his audience. A church binds the group together and a moral community because participates believe in the same god or participate in the same cult. …show more content…

Edward Tylor an English Scholar, defined religion “as the belief in spiritual beings. “He offered the theory that these beliefs came from dreams and that the dreamer was somewhere between the living and the dead. He suggested this is where the idea of souls originated. This evolved into the beliefs of spirits which needed scarifies. This would cause the spirits to grant favors to the ones performing the sacrifices. The sacrifices then became rituals. Tylor believes that science would cause religion to disappear. This in effect caused polytheism to be born. If it was not for polytheism, monotheism would not have been developed. Tylor’s theory was that if society evolved so did their

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