Emily Bronte 's Wuthering Heights

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Knowledge Sets Us Apart
Knowledge is not only power, but also, the ability to distinguish one person from the rest of the people. Emily Brontë, author of Wuthering Heights, was a copy of her siblings and therefore used her extreme passion for learning and teaching to set herself apart from her siblings. In the novel, Wuthering Heights, Brontë creates many similar characters but differentiate between them solely on their mental capacity. Growing up in a household of writers and artists, Emily Brontë felt like a copy of her siblings and therefore used Gnosticism as a way to separate herself from her siblings; this is evident in the tension between closely related characters in Wuthering Heights.
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Eventually the sisters did open a school in their hometown, but they were unsuccessful in attracting perspective students to such a remote area. Brontë’s dedication to learning and teaching, both herself and others, reinforces that fact that she values higher thinking. Her mental abilities and capacities set her apart from her siblings, since they were so similar in certain things. Brontë used her ability to think to establish herself from her sisters, because her mind was her own. She could be independent and a free thinker when she achieved all this knowledge. Brontë was truly set upon an academic and enlightened path to off set the similarities between her sisters and her. Similar to Brontë and her sisters, Linton and Hareton share the same experiences. Hareton and Linton as children both had an unstable childhood. Hareton’s father was a drunk and constantly tried to harm him, and when his father died he is taken in by Heathcliff, the man who is responsible for terrorizing his father. Hareton is treated like a servant at his new home, not like the son of a wealthy social climber. Similarly, Linton’s mother dies when he is young, leaving Linton alone in the world, as well. Since his father, Heathcliff, is still alive, he is taken in by him with Hareton as a brother. They have similar backgrounds, of being shuffled between families and homes. The ability that sets them apart is Linton is able to read, while

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