Emily 's ' The Rat Poison '

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Days before the arrival of Homer Barron, Miss. Emily went to get arsenic which is rat poison and when the druggist asked her what the rat poison is for she did not answer him and just looked at him. By doing so Miss. Emily was able to get the rat poison without an explanation. The whole town started to think that the rat poison was to put an end to her own life. Now Miss. Emily is patiently awaiting the arrival of her “lover” Homer Barron. Homer makes his way to her back door and she welcomes him inside. “Hello, Homer it is nice seeing you again,” Emily says with happiest in her voice. Homer replies, “How have you been Emily?” Homer beings making his way over to Emily. Emily asks “Would you care for a drink?” “I could go for some water. Thank you.” Emily gets both him and her a glass of water but while doing so, she gets some of the arsenic that she had purchased a few days before. She carefully puts some into Homer’s glass of water.
While Emily hands Homer his glass of water she says “I have been decent except for the fact that you have been telling everyone throughout the town that we were intimate together and that you had no intention of marrying me.” Homer looks at Emily with great despise. “Where would you get an idea like that Emily? I would never intentionally hurt you in any way” Homer says with sarcasm in his voice. “I really find that hard to believe Homer. My father lied to me my whole life about men and always tried to keep me from falling in love…
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