Emma Watson's View Of Feminism

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Women who are hesitant to define themselves as “feminist,” but retain the belief that men and women should have equal rights are feminists. Men and women who believe that equality among genders is a human right should classify himself or herself as a feminist. Emma Watson made a poignant statement regarding this perception during her United Nations speech. Watson stated that, “It’s not the word that is important; it’s the ideas and ambition that is behind it.” Watson went on to urge men and women to face the gender ideals that pressure them into living an inauthentic life due to obligation. Many people fear the word, but wholly agree with the idea of feminism.
Many people avoid the word “feminist.” Fear drives this notion. Hodgeland’s article explains the isolation that coincides with the decision to embrace feminist ideals. “Fear of feminism, then, is not a fear of gender, but rather a fear of politics” (Hodgeland 2). The author also discusses the hesitation that plagues women of privilege to avoid defining a portion of their beliefs as feminist. American culture has the idea that one’s privilege must come at the cost of another’s oppression (Hodgeland 3). Men and women alike fear that if women gain equality then men would have to demote themselves and vice versa. The truth is, feminism is not about one gender, one woman, or a single class of women, but rather, feminism should a priority for all people.
Marketing campaigns contribute to these fears. Corporations fear that

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