Emollient Agents Make Our Skin Smoother Essay

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Emollients are agents that soften and make the skin smoother. They are also called moisturizers. Emollients are used for dry skin or eczema. When a moisturizer is applied to skin, it covers the skin with a protective layer that reduces the amount of water loss in the skin and prevents dryness. Emollients also prevent the skin form itching and eczema from flaring up.
Are emollients, emulsifiers, and lotions polar or non-polar?
Most lotions contain oil or other non-polar ingredients. They also contain large quantities of water which is polar. The oil in the lotion is emulsified so it can be mixed with the water. But, both ingredients still remain in the lotion which makes it both polar and non-polar. Emulsifiers are used to make …show more content…

Many people buy lotions thinking that it has special ingredients that will help moisturize their skin, but in fact water is the widely held ingredient in hand lotions.
Oil: oil is another important ingredient in hand lotions. Some lotions use liquid oils and others use solid oils or butters. Avocado, coconut, Shea, and olive oils are some of the most popular oils used in lotions.
Glycerin: it is also known as a humectant. It attracts moisture from the air to the skin and it is also used as a lubricant to make the lotion smooth.
Citric acid: this is used as a preservative to prevent the other ingredients from spoiling. Citric acid also helps lower the PH of the lotion and it makes it more suitable for the different skin types.
Other ingredients that are used are scents, color, etc.
How do hand lotions work?
When hand lotion is applied, it creates a barrier on the skin that prevents the oils from escaping and does not allow any harmful substance to enter the skin that can cause dryness or irritation. It also blocks water from leaving the skin and attracts water, this helps to maintain moisture in the skin.
The purpose of hand lotions
There are hand creams designed for different purposes. Most people use hand lotions for dry skin, usually in the winter time. Lotions soften the hand and it looks more visually appealing. Some people use lotions because they have eczema, and lotion prevents it from flaring up. Others may use

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