Emotional Aspect Of A Radiologic Technologist Essay

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Emotional Aspect of a Radiologic Technologist As a Radiologic Technologist you are faced with many difficult situations in and out of the work environment. Providing care for patients and families when necessary is part of your daily duties and these may affect you. Feelings and emotions are a very important aspect while working in this environment, and controlling and understanding these emotions are a very important part of the job. Emotions affect patients, their families, and even us as Radiologic Technologist and controlling these emotions will provide a better experience for our patients, families and ultimately us. Patients endure many ups and downs while in the hospital and are affected by many different situations. As a Radiologic Technologist we are encouraged to communicate and relive some of the frightening and unknown questions of each patient as well as their families. There are also many theories behind a person’s emotional intelligence and why this affects our jobs as Radiologic Technologists. Ultimately how we let working in the health field affect us in and outside of the work environment will determine our future in our careers. Everyday you will have the opportunity to wake up and face a very emotional and uncertain task, and how you choose to handle these situations will impact your life and work ethic. As a member of the healthcare family you have the opportunity to work with many different families and patients. You get to experience the good and the
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