Nursing Is A Complex And Ever Changing Field Full Of New Areas

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Nursing is a complex and ever changing field full of new areas to advance, learn, and grow in. Some of the institutes available for nursing studies are Harkum College and West Chester University. Kristine Balay, the nurse I interviewed, attended Harkum College for her Associates degree in Nursing and she attended West Chester University for her Bachelors degree in Nursing. She has been practicing as a nurse for about 10 years now in various settings. When she was working on a trauma unit she was required to obtain an ALS certification, Kristine admits that she was grateful for obtaining this certification because it sets her apart from others in regards to job opportunities and promotions as well as gives her confidence in situations. To add to the complexity of nursing there are so many different fields in which you can work such as staff nurse, charge nurse, OR nurse, administrative nurse, school nurse, etc…Kristine is currently in the field of home care working as a bedside nurse. She decided to get into bedside nursing in the home health care field for a number of reasons including one-to-one patient care, the chance to create a flexible schedule that is conducive to the demands of raising a family, stress reduction, the autonomy of home care, and the ability to bless entire families as opposed to just one patient. Kristine pointed out how she enjoys being able to attend to the problem of caregiver role- strain in the family in addition to caring for the patient,
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