Emotions And Emotions Essay

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WARNING: 'Emotions' and emotions are two entirely different things. Please try not to get confused. Further details will be explained in the future.

I am two, but they are not me.

They were once friends who died and reincarnated into this savage world as one of it weakest races of monsters, a Skeleton and a Low Spirit, one of them was famous at their school for his philosophical way of thinking, said:

“You have the features of a soul, and a I have the features of the dead, the soulless. So, theoretically if we combined we should became a living human, or at least something akin to it, some sort of a humanoid monster.”

That suggestion came when they were at the depth of despair, when they realized how weak and pitiful they were. Hunted by humans due to them being ‘evil’, hunted by monsters because they were weak…

So following that suggestion they tried combing countless times, but they failed spectacularly; every time they tried, the spirit passes through the skeleton like it was nothing but air, or should I say the reverse is true.

But then a revelation came to the Spirit.

“What we try is giving form to a human, but that’s is impossible because you and I have different views …show more content…

A good example for both cases would be “We”, they once were humans but they died in an accident, their confusion and their will, Emotions, to survive transformed them into an abnormality a ‘Wandering Soul’, which then was kicked out of their world due to them existing even though they shouldn’t. After arriving at this world, which counts Wandering Spirits as a form of energy spiritual energy, one of them merged with a skeleton of someone and the other became a floating mass of energy, a Low Spirit. All this talk is to simply say that Monsters can live forever with the right Physical Form, Strong Emotions and enough Mystical Energy, which brings us to the next point,

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