Emotions, Emotion, And Expression Of Emotion

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Humans are blessed with five important senses: touch, hearing, sight, taste, and smell. These sets of senses enable humans to decipher their surroundings better. Humans react different to various kinds of stimuli and they are able to do so through expressing their emotions. Their emotions depict how they feel about a particular situation or action. The most fundamental of all human experiences are the feeling and expression of emotion. Expression of emotion is unique to condition and individuals. Not every emotion is suitable for every condition so, no matter how uncomplicated it may seem; method of expressing emotion is not so straightforward. Emotions are the basic phenomena of human functioning, normally having an adaptive value enhancing our effectiveness in pursuing our goals in the broadcast sense (Nyklicek, Vingerhoests & Zeelenberg, 2011).On the inter- individual level, emotions help inform others about one’s internal state and behavioral intentions (Frijida, Kuipers & Ter Schure,1989). Emotions are the feelings that people experience, interpret, reflect on, and manage (Mills & Kleinman, 1988).These constitute an essential art of the every day’s life. Emotion is the complex mental state that could be broken down to three different segments; a subjective experience, a physiological expression and a behavioral reaction (Hockenbury & Hooke, 2007). Emotions are generally the result of the appraisal of events. A coordinate set of the responses involving behavioral and…
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