Emotions In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Have you ever been hurt by someone’s words or actions? Many factors influence the way we act on an everyday basis. Because our actions become so habitual, we usually don’t pay attention to or notice that the way we act affects others and even ourselves at times. The two short stories “All Summer in a Day” and “Sun Poems” teach readers to notice that their actions can significantly impact others. In “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, a girl named Margot lives on Venus with her classmates who ostracize and taunt her every day. In contrast, “Sun Poems” by Susana Herrera tells the story of a homeless man who is helped by a girl named Lalla and her father. Both authors convey the message that your actions are driven by your emotions, and the way you act can have a substantial impact on your community. In “All Summer in a Day,” Bradbury shows how negative emotions can influence children to act in ways that pain others and damage the community. The main character of Bradbury’s dystopian text, Margot, lives on Venus where it is almost alway raining. Margot remembers what the sun was like back on Earth because she arrives two years after the other children. For this reason, the children detest her. One day, Margot and her classmates get into an argument about whether the sun will appear. Margot says that the sun will appear that day, but the children disagree with her. Because they are so mad at her for coming to Venus later than them and acting that she knows it all, “they

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