Empathy Is Defined As, “The Power Of Understanding And

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Empathy is defined as, “the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings”. It seems that as our country grows older, the amount of empathy that most Americans have towards one another is slowly starting to decline. According to Jayda Shuavarnnasri, in her article 6 Things I Want You to Know About Being Homeless in America, she writes, “I think there is a prevalent assumption in our society that homelessness is caused by an individual’s inability to make the right choices in their life” (Jayda Shuavarnnasri). Those assumptions are causing a daze between what is true and what people think about the homeless. While most homeless people do not choose to be homeless, outsiders often prejudge them as …show more content…

Out of those 500,000 people only 38% of them have a substance abuse issue. That means that the other 62% are experiencing other issues that do not have to do with substance abuse. It is not fair to say that all homeless people have an addiction problem, when the statistics show that only 38% of them actually do have an issue with it. When people generalize and judge a group of people by what they think they know, it ends up a scattered mess with false facts involved. The facts should be known before judging in any situation especially people that may have a harder life style than you do.
When thinking about a person being homeless, you usually think that they are too lazy to actually work for a nice life for themselves, but this is just another stereotype. Most homeless people will tell you that they did not chose to be homeless, or they have no help in order to get

off the streets. Of course there are shelters and food pantries that try to help out, but some people would rather be on the streets than in a shelter because the shelters are so poorly run that the streets are more comfortable (Jayda Shuavarnnasri). Just because a person is homeless, does not mean that they are lazy and unemployed. Many people that are homeless actually have minimum wage jobs. Minimum wage in The United States of America is currently based on where you live, and in Ohio it is $8.10 an hour. A minimum wage job is hard to

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