Homelessness Essay

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Homelessness is an epidemic that affects millions of people all over the world. These people have no place to live, are rarely able to bathe, and they have little to no food to eat. There are many reasons why people become homeless, but they can be broken down into three categories; Structural factors, systematic failures, and individual and relational factors.
Structural factors are economic and social obstacles that could possibly affect someone's opportunities. Examples of structural factors are the inability to get a job due to discrimination and inadequate income. Although racism isn't always the reason why a person does not get a job, it sometimes plays a role in the decision. A study by German Lopez revealed that “white applicants …show more content…

When they experience these feelings, they often times runaway to break free of their feelings of being sad and unwanted. Most of the individuals who run away have no place to go, resulting in them being homeless. When looking at the teachings of Ghandi and the New Testament, there is the belief that people should help each other. People in the community should help the homeless find better places to go by reaching out to different homeless shelters, child welfare centers, or any other institution similar to the one they left from. Afterwards, they can tell the homeless person where they should go to better suit them. This will give the homeless person a new place to call home, and it will make the helpful individual feel good for helping someone who was not able to help themselves.
According to Weil, anger and bitterness comes from the unequal access to wealth. This way of thinking can be seen when observing the individual and relational factors of homelessness. These factors stem from events that occur in someone's personal life. They may include job loss, their home burning down, a divorce, or an addiction. Most of these factors are beyond an individual’s control, or they have taken control over the individual’s life. For instance, if a person’s house burned down and they did not have homeowner's insurance they would have to start completely over. An event as drastic as that could burden someone mentally because it is something that is very unexpected, and it is a

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