Emperor Of Rome: Rome's Future Emperor

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In 28AD, when Julia was 13 years old, she was betrothed to Domitius Ahenobarbus and later married him. Her marriage was arranged by Tiberius who was the Emperor of Rome and head of the imperial household at the time. In December, 37AD, Julia gave birth to her first son who was to be the future Emperor. Her son's name was Nero. Tiberius died later in the same year Nero was born and Julia’s brother Claudius took to the throne. In 39AD, Julia, Livilla, and their cousin were involved in a plot to murder Caligula and make Lepidus, Drusilla's widower, the new Emperor but the there plot did not work resulting in failure. Caligula had Lepidus executed as he did not want him as a threat and later made sure that Julia and Livilla were exiled to Pandateria which is now a part of the Pontine Islands. In 41AD, …show more content…

In 54AD, Claudius was brutally murdered by Julia as he had started to favour Britannicus who was his only surviving son and was preparing him for the throne and Julia did not want this as she wanted Nero to claim the throne. She murdered Claudius by having the palace taster sprinkle poison on Claudius' dish of mushrooms. Julia then added more poison to a feather Claudius was using to help him vomit to put extra poison into his system and after this poisoning, Claudius died. After Claudius died, Nero quickly was named the new Emperor of Rome. Julia was named a priestess and could visit senate meetings and view them behind a curtain. This shows that Julia had a lot of power as most people were not allowed to do this. In the first few months of Nero's reign, Julia became very controlling and proceeded to control her son and the Empire. She eventually lost this control for many reasons. The first being the fact that she tried to stop Nero from having an affair with Claudia Acte who was a former slave. She strongly disapproved of this because she thought that her position of power would be taken over by a

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