Emphysema: Chronic Pulmorary Disease

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Emphysema is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The name emphysema comes from greek. There are about 20 million victims that suffer from this disease every year. This sickness is mostly caused by smoking. A cigarette has more than 4,800 chemicals inside it. There is about 70% of adults that start to smoke at the age of 18. (

Statistics say that cigarettes are the highest reasons that emphysema is the cause (health central). Strong chemicals that people smoke like tobacco release chemicals from the patients lungs and damage them. The reason why cigarettes are a cause of emphysema is because it has tobacco in it and there is many people that smoke. Tobacco is a green plant and it grows in warm weather. Tobacco also cause other illnesses like lung cancer. Patients body has many cells , if the patient is healthy the person only produces new cells when its needed , patients that have this illness destroy the cells that is needed in the body. If patients don’t get treated as soon as they find out the lungs damage more as the time passes. Emphysema is the fourth reason of patients dying . Emphysema often occurs after the age of 35. Lungs have 90 percent that is filled with pure air and just 10 percent is solid tissue . Another cause for this disease is genetic syndrome. Genetic syndrome are caused by DNA genetics, which people get from parents. Usually a bad chronic cough is the first and major symptom of emphysema. Patients usually get

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