Empire Island: A Fiction Narrative

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Empire Island. 419 AE.
With the rising of the sun came the fog - the often-resented union between the cold Empire Coast Current from the north and the much warmer Dragon Stream from the south. Yet even as the fog came to greet the Royal Engstrom Docks, it found it was already bustling with activity. Well-seasoned workers were already prepping cargo and delegating teams to load the vast cargo on three separate ships, the Prince Turner, the Thane Levant, and the Underwood, The Empire's crest, a brown falcon, adorned each of the three ships. They had been painted with earth-coloured markings, as a ward against sea monsters. The massive ships were snuggled against the quayside amidst a fleet of smaller fishing craft that had returned from night fishing.
Most of the crew aboard the three ships had nothing to lose and a world to gain. The captain of the Prince Turner, the strongly built Henry Jackson, was hand-picked for the mission as he had, only 3 years before, captured the Amidon, the famed galleon of the Amazonas.
By royal decree, the three ships would depart on a voyage across the Great Waters, a three month trip to a relatively unexplored land, to find riches and new resources for the glory of Empire Island. Only one other such venture had been officially sanctioned by the Empire, 10 years ago. But times were getting desperate.
Under Emperor Na'sdet, the Empire had, within 23 years, rose to become a formidable rival to its surrounding countries. Her ships had penetrated

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