Empire Show

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Part A: Media Audience 1) 2) The target audience for this show is teenager and late adult) I know this because the show is about rap music and teenager want to become famous rapper 3) This show appeal to my emotions because the two brothers are not treating equally the father was supporting the normal one and did not like to support his second son. there were two sisters who were similar to this show they were not equal to their mother, the mother used to support the normal daughter who can do better than the other one, the mother used to tell her second daughter that she couldn’t do like the way her sister could do. Part B: Media Text To what extent is this TV show realistic? This TV show is very realistic. It is realism can best …show more content…

There are more women than men in the show. There four men and seven women in the show. And one homosexual …show more content…

Use specific examples to prove your point. This show does not reinforce the traditional gender stereotypes, it actually challenges us to think otherwise. For example, I believe the creator, Lee Daniels, of Empire Show wanted us to question traditional gender roles and scripts. In way, the play or dram paralleled his own life it is an allegory that depicts his own personal life and the characters mirrored and in my ways has drawn raw example from his thoughts and personal experiences on what is acceptable for say black men or white men for that matter in the more general sense. What should and shouldn’t a father accept in his own sons and daughters for that matter in the more abstract and extended symbolism in culture and in society? As the far the drama is concerned Jamal shows the irony in accepted traditional families in North American context. The people that are supposed to love you unconditionally and those who are supposed to embrace your choices and decisions in life can actually turn up against you because you happened to be gay or lesbian for that matter. Even though that’s totally your decision and not anyone’s else’s. Yet you the contrary and that his how the drama challenges us to think

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