The Big Bang Theory: Gender Roles Between Men And Women

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Growing up as a child with parents that were both fairly busy with work I often found myself sat in front of a television either waiting for the day to begin or to end. I remember watching shows and seeing how the boys always seemed to be more outspoken, hyper-masculine and the leader in a given situation while the girls were always the passive ones who were depicted as shy followers. Now that I am older I find myself watching even more television, allowing me to see how the media depicts men and women in society. For example, The Big Bang Theory, in its earlier seasons, it only had one female lead, Penny. Her character was very stereotypical in the sense that she was the scattebrained neighbor. The way that men and women are portrayed has …show more content…

Women are portrayed as needy, whiny, and downright annoying, a burdensome background noise that distracts one's attention from more important matters -like football games, for example. This particular trope is also harmful to men painting them as lazy, uncaring, and somewhat football obsessed slobs that would rather sleep in a garage for a week than help their wives do the laundry. While this trope is degrading to both genders in two opposite ways, it comes together to normalize unhealthy relationships, one where responsibilities are not shared, feelings are not validated nor heard out, and ignoring the needs of one's partner is commonplace. This goes hand in hand with the "marriage is the end of a man's freedom" trope. Which again, harms genders in two separate ways teaching girls to believe that they are nothing more than a heavy deadlock around the necks of the men they love, and teaching boys that cherishing the relationship they are in is not manly. People organize their knowledge about the world around them by sorting and simplifying information then creating representations of the reality displaying its most typical elements and properties. This is responsible for defining the essence of our worldview and has a significant influence on social …show more content…

Figure four is a unique advertisement in itself because it breaks away from one gender stereotype, but then turns right around and reinforces another. It raises many questions about the roles of men and women, like are men codependent of women? Could the world survive without them? It shows a man holding a baby while wearing a woman's blouse which promotes freedom of fashion choices. The ad also introduces a stereotype by asking “What would the world be without women?” as if to say that a man holding a baby is a shocking thing to see. This emphasizes the “Lazy male” trope that men are seen as sub-par caregivers that lack of initiative and skill when it comes to caring for a child. This is harmful to young boys that grow up in environments that encourage this kind of behavior because it puts young boys in a state of fearfulness because they begin to think that they will not be able to properly care for someone else and this inadvertently burdens women because they will be seen as natural caregivers despite any natural inclinations they may or may not

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