Empire to Umpire by Normal Hillmer Essay

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In regards to chapter twelve of Empire to Umpire, I found it to have a pro-Liberal viewpoint. In particularly, regards to the stance on multiculturalism, humanitarian aid, and the projection of Canadian values aboard, I found it framed in the context that put Canadian foreign policy in the best possible light. A possible reason for this could be due to the historical context in which it was written, 1994. This was shortly thereafter the end of the Cold War, and after the recent Liberal win in the 1993 election. At this period works were being published, such as Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man, prophesising a new era of peace, prosperity and the exportation of democratic values in much the same manner that the …show more content…

Also I found that there was a sort of absolution of the responsibility for the Canadian government. There is repeated stressing that the Americans were responsible for Arar’s deportation and tribulation due to the fact that the Americans deported him from their own soil despite the fact that he was a Canadian citizen. It goes on to talk about how he was still on the American no-fly list despite the fact the Canadian government cleared him of any wrongdoing and offered him a settlement. Looking now at “Can the Silence Be Broken?” I find a lot of the points to be quite accurate; particularly when it comes to the predetermined gender roles and idea of the woman’s role to be outside of the public eye. In regards to the Free Trade agreements I wonder if this one of those contextual arguments, in terms of in 1994 the NAFTA agreement had only recently been signed, in which the argument today, and looking the differences in women’s roles in society today and to what degree the role of women has changed in the almost twenty years since this article was published. Also I have to argue against the fact that the free trade agreements have harmed the wages of women since due to the fact that today the women’s rights issues seem to do with the issue of abortion and there is no talk of repealing the free trade agreement from

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