My Accomplishments Of Employee Appraisal

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Employee Comments: An employee self-assessment is an important part of a yearly performance appraisal and it is created for the employer to see this employee’s achievements. October 10, 2015 marked my fifth year with this company and I consider this a significant accomplishment. Over the last five years, I have been able to meet the needs of the company despite of the constant changes to include: the use of two new systems (CMS, Avaya Chat). Throughout this review period, I received numerous awards recognizing me for teamwork, flexibility, professionalism and customer service. I was promoted into the role of a triage consultant II in the month of August. And in the month of September, I was promoted into my current role of program trainer. …show more content…

Flexibility: There are times when team meetings and other events interfere with call volume. Often times, I reach out to my supervisor to offer my wiliness to be flexible during times of increased call volumes. Because of this, I was recognized by my supervisor for being willing to change my schedule to meet the needs of the company.

As the program trainer, I have demonstrated my ability to be flexible by participant with remote trainings, changing my schedule to meet business needs, and traveling to the Chesapeake engagement centers in order to complete trainings.

Professionalism and Customer Service: In the triage consultant’s role, I offer excellent customer service to all participants and exceptional professionalism to my co-workers. Despite the pressures of maintaining the call volume expectations, I was able to continue excellent customer service. As I greet participants that call, I ensured that participants were feeling comfortable with providing information, especially confidential information. I introduced myself and ask for their contact information in a pleasant and welcoming manner. For example, I said statements including: “my pleasure” and “I would be more than happy to assist.” Those statements often alleviated some of the pressure of providing information for the participants. I also took the time to identify participants’ needs by asking questions and

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