Employment Discrimination Against Black Felons: The New Jim Crow Era

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In today’s world, we treat criminals and offenders that are out of prison in a similar manner to how people were treated in the Jim Crow era. One example of the new Jim Crow Era is Sonya Jennings. Sonya is a felon as well as an African American mother. She was given an eight years probation after being arrested for possession of narcotics. Since Sonya is now tagged as a felon, she does not have the right to vote, she cannot receive public welfare, and she faces job discrimination (Alexander). The Jim Crow system has been planned in America today, legalizing discrimination for people with past criminal activity’s and records (Alexander).

After slavery was in abolished between the 1870’s to the mid 1960’s in the Southern …show more content…

This social control made it extremely hard for African Americans to make money for themselves and their family’s during this time period and is very close to how criminals are being treated in today’s world.

The exercise of the Jim Crow Laws during the 1870’s-1960’s is kindred to how criminals and felons are discriminated against today and modern times. Throughout the United States, prison/ jail inmates in 48 states, paroles in 33 states, and probationers in 29 states are not allowed voting options or allowed to vote. (Karjick). This is close to about 4.7 million Americans that are not allowed to have this this right (Karjick). Some people will argue the fact that the poor choices that these millions of Americans have made make them devious, shady and not trustworthy enough to help make decisions for the country but branding these people as criminals and felons should not effect the person or determine whether they have the right to take part in the authorities of their home land (Karjick). Also, as a criminal and or felon, when filling an application for a job, going back to school to gain an education, or public aid, they must answer certain questions that are often asked, “Have you even been

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