Pros And Cons Of Prison Reform

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Prison reform is the policy in which conditions in prisons are improved. Prisons have been a part of our government since the Americas were first colonized. Conditions in the prisons were completely different than they are now. For instance, our current prison system calls for regulations and check ups on the facilities to make sure that they are habitable for prisoners. Many prisons are very costly to keep up and running.Even though, there are some privately owned prisons but many are funded by the U.S.’s taxpaying citizens.Additionally, prisons make it hard to come back to society. Once you have something on your record a lot of opportunities are thrown out the window.
In a TED talk presented by Michelle Alexander, she talks about how society is still segregated by the Jim Crow laws even if it is not completely apparent. Specifically, Alexander talks about the issues with our prison system and how it segregates our society even more. In addition to talking about the segregation of our society she takes the time to talk about how convicted criminals have an extremely difficult time transitioning back into society. She talks about the individual struggles that they go through. Alexander states, “ The reality is that when you're released from prison, people who are released from prison typically have little or no money at all. They need to find a place to sleep, but if they try to get access to public housing, they find often that they're barred from public housing because of

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