Empowered Mothering Is A Type Of Feminist Mothering In

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Empowered mothering is a type of feminist mothering in which the mother is challenging patriarchal norms for the betterment of herself, whereas patriarchal norms oppress women and make them focus their energy to their children. Empowered mothering teaches mothers to focus on themselves first and then their children. If a mother is not fully satisfied how does she meet her child’s needs? “Empowered mothering begins with the recognition that both mothers and children benefit when the mother lives her life and practices mothering from a position of agency, authority, authenticity, and autonomy” (O’Reilly). Radical mothering goes hand in hand with empowered mothering. Radical mothering does not prepare their daughter in patriarchy, it involves…show more content…
Male entitlement is created by myths to be natural and justified but it teaches daughters that they are not as important and are less of a regard. Lesbian mothering can enhance the development of female autonomy and self-love (Copper, 191). Radical mothers spread their views to their children by following their beliefs so their child will also follow it. “Our choices have political implications; they are made in a political context. If we build a stronger movement for radical social change and pass down to our children a sense of what is possible, a vision of a world less dominated by patriarchy and other oppression, and a desire to continue to struggle, we have to understand the political dimensions of all our apparently personal choices (Pollikoff, 194). Children can be empowered by this feminist movement if they are taught why it is important and how it affects them. Radical motherhood means involving children in the disadvantage that females deal with (O’Reilly, February 13, 2017). Radical mothering teaches daughters that they are just as important as boys and should hold a higher self-regard. They teach sons so be sensitive to the oppressive behavior girls must deal with growing up. Empowered mothering means involving others in their child’s upbringing. Mothers need help and support raising their children and other mothers are
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