Empty Seat Thesis Statement

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The problem of empty seats is a serious one. An empty seat signifies many results that are left unfulfilled. It represents a gap in this and the next generation. The failure to connect with God results in creating problems for the young men and women. You should only leave your seat empty, if there is a strong reason behind it.
True Christians needs to understand that leaving an empty seat is a decision that only affects you, but it also affects the next generation. This book especially attempts to appeal to those Christians who once occupied their seats, but then failed to keep their promise.
Children are away from the Lord, which results in Satan winning one over you. This issue starts when children do not receive guidance at their home. …show more content…

God’s work keeps on going and others may fill the spot that may actually belong to you. However, this means that you will lose out on the spiritual guidance that you receive in the Church. A true Christian is a symbol of the Goodness of God and therefore, can only achieve the required guidance by filling out the empty seat.
An empty seat means that you are not willing to serve your Lord and you are not welcoming your destiny. If you miss your prayer, then it means that you will end up getting dragged towards spiritual misery and poor mental health.
Reasons for Juvenile Crimes
We find many black youngsters fall in the life of crime, since they do not receive the Light of Christ. The Lord protects His people if they are willing to approach him in good faith. However, this is a flailing trend, which results in an increasing number of juvenile crimes.
We need to understand the reasons about these criminal activities in order to discuss the interventions that may keep these black young ones in educational institutes and Church organizations.
Many young individuals are leaving their seat empty and getting engaged in activities that ultimately lead towards false outcomes. Jail is becoming a common destination for many black communities and youngsters are failing to associate hatred for a prison

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