Energy Is Consumed At Alarming Rates

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Energy is consumed at alarming rates. While humanity has, and still is, received multiple signs the current rate at which humanity uses in unsustainable. Climate change and the increased green house gas emissions are indications that it is time to change the energy wasting habits that humanity has developed. Many of these habits include the monumental amount of energy spent on heating. In 2014, 41% of the U.S.’s total energy consumption stemmed from the heating of residential and commercial spaces.1 Significant amounts of this energy is wasted upon heating empty spaces and inanimate objects. Personal thermal management is a method that has been proposed and put into limited effect. Personal thermal management is managing one’s own temperature rather than wasting energy heating empty space.2 The personal thermal management system should be able to be worn, to maximize the conservation and use of heat for the individual using it. Hsu et. al.’s paper Personal Thermal Management by Metallic Nanowire-Coated Textile discusses the use of fabric coated in a mesh on nanowires.2 This coating of nanowires creates a conductive network that can reflect the heat that the body reflects because the nanowire mesh is so small that the heat that is reflected back rather than escaping through the fabric. Nanowire-coated fabrics also have the ability to conduct heat; giving them the ability to produce heat as well.2 This study compares the effectiveness in heat reflection, and conductivity of

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