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Alternative Energy Planning Proposal NAME SCI/362 July 15, 2013 PROFESSOR NAME

Alternative Energy Plan Proposal


Energy Planning Proposal

Project: Alternative Energy Organization: City of Seattle, Washington Requestor/Sponsor: MAYORS NAME City of Seattle Mayor

Description of Request: Develop and implement an Alternative Energy Plan for City of Seattle. The potential stakeholders include small business owners, Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Boeing, Amazon, and numerous other large scale industries. The bases around the Seattle-Tacoma area host vital capabilities toward the nation's defense from all branches of service. Service members and their families will benefit
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.(“ Home Energy Efficiency in Seattle”,2013)

It is cold here! For 8 months out of the year, our low temperatures don't get out of the 40's at night, making for cold rooms and cold houses.

It gets hot here! We can get into the mid-90 during summer hot stretches and very few houses have air conditioning, so when it's hot outside, it's hot inside your house.

The average house in Washington State was built in 1977; so we have a lot of houses with poor attic insulation other efficiency problems.

Compared to the rest of the country, we have pretty cheap electricity (around $0.08 per kWh from Alternative Energy) and our natural gas prices are about average (around $1.30 per therm from Alternative Energy). However, energy prices have been rising for the past 30 years, and homeowners with inefficient houses will end up paying a lot more to heat and cool their homes in the future. The real answer to the question about how to make your home more efficient in Seattle is

that it depends. Every house is unique, and your best bet is to get an energy audit so you can learn what the most cost-effective ways to improve your house's efficiency are. .(“ Home Energy Efficiency in Seattle”,2013)

An in-home energy audit in the Seattle area typically costs around $600, but through Alternative Energy, homeowners in the

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