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Danielle Joseph English 112/ 0002 Maginnes February 26, 2013 Genetic Modified Humans: Is Not Acceptable In the essay, titled "Building Baby from the Genes Up?" Ronald M. Green proclaims his approval of genetic selection and extraction of human genes. He gives reasons that support his outlook on the matter, that this will be useful to civilization. Ronald M. Green is in violation of several ethical codes, with his view on genetic modification. I am against genetically modified humans, and I will explain to you, why this is my stance on the subject. First, I will summarize exactly what Ronald M. Green says in his article about his view on genetic modification and why practicing it is vital. Second, I will describe research…show more content…
But genetics could also become a tool for reducing the class divide" (517). The issue with this is if we can manipulate genes to make them better, or even get rid of diseases as Green argues, then surely we would want we have paid for. When a parent can alter their child's abilities and life for the better, they have control over what they want in a child. Examples of this would be to make a child not obese because the parents have the obesity gene. This is what critics mean to Green and genetic manipulation, when a person has control over the production of another they are "playing God." In Designer People, Sally Deneen, exclaims, " It will start innocently enough: Birth defects that are caused by a single gene, such as cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs disease, will be targeted first, and probably with little controversy. Then, as societal fears about messing with Mother Nature subside, Silver and other researchers predict that a genetic solution to preventing diabetes, heart disease and other big killers will be found and offered". So will genetic inoculations against HIV. Eventually, the mind will be targeted for improvement--preventing alcohol addiction and mental illness, and enhancing visual acuity or intelligence to try to produce the next Vincent Van Gogh or Albert Einstein. Even traits from other animals
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