English 280 Reflection Essay

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The Reflection on Life Realities Throughout my fall semester in English 280 I have found myself engaging in more into conversation that have more to do with the way my peers and myself view things. When I say engaging in conversation, I mean that I have not only just voice my opinion, but I have analyze my thoughts for proper evidence. After leaving my old school, Lincoln College, I thought I understood how to engage in conversation with my papers. I had to do my research for my paper to give creditable evidence for my papers. However when coming to WIU going into English 280, I was about to voice my opinion a little more. I was able to tell how I felt about a certain situation. I was able to analyze…show more content…
One of the things we needed to know was how to research about the topic of conversation. With paper 2 we broaden our horizon with researching. Without research on a topic for conversation, you would only have open-thoughts opinion. Paper 2 actually helped changed that for many students, including myself. My topic for the paper was based on social media ruining the hip-hop culture. When doing the paper I had to first make question on the conversation. With the help of Ms. Wherley, I was able to have many solid to ask when doing the research. After constructing the question I went and start researching the questions for the paper. I looked for certain topics on my question about the social media affecting the hip-hop culture. One topic I searched for was what social media meant for the hip-hop culture. I found that music mogul Russell Simmons gave an article with his comments on how social media was good for the hip-hop culture. When seeing his comments I agreed with some of the things he was saying, like social media helps find new unheard talent. However, I still felt that the problem with social media was more detailed that finding new talent. So I kept researching for my answer. I still used the Russell Simmons article to help show the positive side of social media and hip-hop. Late I found a video on YouTube talking about social media had ruined the rap beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mills. After watching the video I found evidence on how social media helped ruined something dear to the hip-hop culture. I explained what rap beef meant for hip-hop and how social media made a mockery of the beef. I also finished my research finding more information from hip-hop site Hip-Hop DX. Research from this website explained the top five things that killed the true art of hip-hop. Tis website is a prominent site for hip-hop making it liable for my paper. On the site they had social media as number one
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