English Army For World War I

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I dodge, missing the bullet just by a few millimetres. I 'm pathetic, all I can do is get distracted- even by the smallest things. I decide it would be best if I duck into the hole to take cover. Then BAM!!! There 's a huge explosion and a heat wave.

28 July, 1914
We 've received the letter and mother is running into my room and she 's waving it around. Her face is filled with different emotions - proud, sad, scared. She hands it to me and I open it. "Before you read it", she says, "I want you to know, that no matter what happens, you will always be known as a true hero to me - weather they accept you or not." "Thank you, mother", I say. I start reading the letter:

"Dear Johnson Cleveland,
You have been accepted to act as a soldier in …show more content…

"Yes, I thought I 'd make you a special breakfast since I wouldn 't be able to cook for you for another 4 years", mother said, tearing up a little. "Thanks, mum." Dad woke up just now and I noticed that he didn 't look like he slept very well last night. "Morning, son", he said, obviously trying to sound cheery. "Morning", I replied through a mouthful of toast. "So", Dad said as he sat by the table, "I 've heard you 'll be leaving for the army this morning". "Yeah, I 'll be gone for 4 years", I answered. "I know". Dad didn 't look very approving of that answer. Was that what was bothering him during the night? Was that why he looked how he did? I felt a sudden pang of guilt as I realised what I was doing - I was leaving my home and my family for longer than I 've ever been away for. My parents were scared and Georgia, my sister, didn 't even know. We couldn 't let grandma know because she would get a heart attack, or at least, that what mother told me. But it 's too late to back out now and it 's getting late. I say good-bye to my mother and father and I get in the cab. I watch as my parents wave good-bye and I realise that mother is crying. It 's a dark and gloomy day and it 's really cold. Then, my adventure begins...

I arrive at Port Harbour and all the ships and men are already here.

"ALL MEN ON DECK!", booms the Dictator. All the men file up and flow onto the ships. I take a deep breath and join the line.

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