English Is My Favorite Subject

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English has always been one of my favorite subjects but I have not been the best at its many evolving aspects. Reading the one I struggled with the most and still do but in a different way than I did in the beginning. Struggles do not define what you can and cannot do they can only help you do better and turn into something you can learn to love doing. I went to Catholic school kindergarten through eighth grade looking back now they focused a lot on our reading skills. I remember I was one of the very few people in my grade to be selected into this extra class named Title one early elementary years. Mrs. Mock was our teacher or Mrs. Mop as I always thought because they were so similar in my head. I remember this class being a place to focus extra hard our reading because we were not on the same level as everyone else. The games we played were really fun and I always enjoyed when we met but was always sad because I pulled from my other classes. I soon grew out of the class but never enjoyed to read I would it in class but for at home reading filling out reading logs I always lied. It is not that I did not enjoy the stories because I loved being read to just the act of doing it my self is what I did not like. I also never did bad or hated my English class it English was always one of my best subjects. Who would have known middle school would have changed my perspective on reading. Once I was handed the paper back book of The Giver once I flipped that first page I

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