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The toilsome component this semester was transitioning from being a high school level writer to a college-level writer. However, English 10 has by far been my best experience in writing. By taking this course I have retrieved many helpful elements, that will help me become a successful writer throughout college. In high school, essays often gave me stress and anxiety, however, when taking English 10, I was able to learn to enjoy the process of writing purposefully and mindfully. Even though, I have taken advanced placement English courses in high school and have taken a practice run of college level English over the summer with Professor Brenda Venezia, I was still able to retrieve a lot more from this course. To showcase my progress in …show more content…

In this essay, I discuss and explain the impacts of rhetorical devices used by the writers in the article. After the completion of my initial draft for “Black Lives Matter”, I have learned that rhetorical analysis entails more than just identifying the rhetoric elements. Its main intent is to critically analyze the elements the author uses to persuade the audience used to get his/her point across. Rhetorical analysis includes identifying who the author is writing to, the purpose, what message is the author trying to convey, and why. Then to further conclude, how do all these elements come together and impact the reader. I rhetorically discuss many elements, such as repetition, ethos, pathos, logos, visual imagery, and numerous others used to convey the author’s main argument, which states racism is contagious for society because it negatively impacts other aspects of life for individuals of pigment.
Further advancing as a writer, formulating my research paper in English 10 brought to me ro realization my weaknesses in writing. Even though I have written a research paper in the past, it is nothing comparable to the research paper I have formulated with the knowledge retrieved from English 10. Looking back at my first research paper, I wrote as part of an internship program, I did not consider addressing any counterarguments weakening my claims. However, after I learned the Rogerian approach in class it helped me to strengthen my arguments

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