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  • Paper Making Paper : The Making Of Paper

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    The Making of Paper Paper is a material manufactured in thin sheets from the pulp of wood or other fibrous substances used for writing, drawing, printing, or as wrapping material. Paper, whether produced in the modern factory or through the most delicate hand methods, is made up of connected fibers. The fibers can come from a number of sources including cloth rags, cellulose fibers from plants, and, most trees. The use of cloth in the process produces a high-quality paper. A large proportion of

  • Paper Sword Research Paper

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    wanted to do the most was to show the class how to make a paper sword. It’s not that hard to make the paper sword but it does take a long time to make.I didn't want to get in trouble with bringing a sword to school. I was too scared to ask if I could do a presentation on it for school.The next day I asked the teacher if I could do a presentation on it.. Surprisingly, she said I could. Fortu nately I was in the process of making a paper sword. I just had to finish the outer layer and paint it. For

  • Paper

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    In the 1790s members of the industry in both Paris and London were working on inventions to try to mechanise paper-making. In England John Dickenson produced the cylinder machine that was operational by 1809. Although useful for smaller enterprises, this lacked the large scale potential of the machine resulting from the invention of Nicholas-Louis Robert in Paris, which had a more complicated incubation period. The last of the early improvements to this machine were financed by the Fourdrinier brothers

  • Paper Mache Research Paper

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    people art is nothing but color on paper, but in truth it is so much more. To be able to properly understand a work of art, which could be a sculpture, painting, drawing etc. You must first be able to understand how the artist has expressed themselves. So we are going to take this one step at a time and look at one of the most popular type of sculpture. Paper mache. Paper mache comes from the combination of French syllables, papier-mache meaning “chewed paper.” The art form gets its name from it’s

  • Reflection Papers

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    I have been teaching writing for many years. As a result, I have a variety of papers for students to write that I know are possible for third graders to write. In addition, each year and group of students is different so I adjust the papers they write based on the level of the group and the needs of the individual student. We work together on planning our papers through a step by step scaffolding process and modeling so that students have assistance with the planning process. The next stage

  • Reflection Paper

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    To be completely honest, this paper was the first paper that I felt really confident when I was submitting it. In high school, all the topics that I had to write about was given to me by my teacher. But with this paper, I had the power to select a topic that I was really interested and that, I believe, is why I felt really confident when I submitted this paper. Over the past four weeks, the actions that I performed really prepared me for this paper. First, I had to select a topic. Since it had

  • Reflection Paper

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    and integrating quotes. Before my papers were full of “she said” and “she would say”; which was boring and showed poor ability to lengthen my word choice. I also had a tendency to just throw quotes in and not integrate it into my writings. By the end of my English 101 class my papers began to present with words like “the author noted”, or “she stated” along with many other word choices and proper ways of using quotes. Here is an example from my final research paper: “Author

  • Reflection Paper

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    accomplished, writing the paper. So, although I absolutely love to research and write about my findings, I have always found it to be a struggle writing essays. The words seem to come easy in my head, but when the time came to write or type those words into sentences was the most difficult. Even though I have endured difficulties and challenges this semester, I have given 100% into each assignment. The discussions, blogs, letters, emails and assorted categories of papers completed, they have all proven

  • Reflection Paper

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    College Writing at Gateway Technical College, I have found that learning to write a proper essay paper is compelling to me. In high school, writing essays was a very difficult thing for me because the teachers would try and help but everything they said blew over my head. Jessica Gleason, the instructor for Intro to College Writing class, helped explain in detail how to properly write a APA formatted essay paper. I learned what my introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion should include, which I struggled

  • Reflection Paper

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    Back in high school, I was considered one of the best writers in my class. Obviously, high school does not have the same standards as a college classroom would. After running through the course, I’ve noticed that my papers required many adjustments that would’ve been uncalled for last year. Uncharacteristically for my stubborn personality, I forced myself to accept that I am at fault, rather than the very tempting anchor to praise, and looked back at my errors to improve. Through this course, I have