Enid Character Analysis

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Enid is one of the main characters in the OK K.O.! series. She is an employee at Gar's Bodega and works at the register. Contents[hide] Appearance Personality Abilities Special Move Other Abilities Appearances Trivia References Gallery Appearance Edit Enid is tall with a thin waist, and thick hips and legs. She has warm brown skin and spiky, purple hair tied into a small spiky bun. She has big eyes, a small rectangle shaped nose, and thin lips. She typically wears a sleeveless blue top that is torn at the bottom to expose her midriff, black shorts, and brown boots, along with white cloth wrappings on the upper half of her arms. In the pilot and video game, her blue top had short sleeves, she wore a matching knee length drape, and her white cloth wrappings are on her midriff and forearms. Her hair is longer, with her ponytail being bigger and extending to her waist, she has a longer nose that is a lighter brown, and her eyes are farther apart. In Let's Be Heroes, she wears a blue midriff top that is sleeveless, and she has wrappings around her upper arms. As "DJ Fireball", in the episode "You Are Rad", she sports rave attire complete with yellow sunglasses, headphones and a pacifier necklace. Personality Edit Enid is the most responsible of the main trio. She tries to use logic and critical thinking to make rational decisions. This is primarily shown in the Pilot, in which she stops KO from calling a power battle based on KO's shoddy detective work. She seems to react to

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