Enlightenment Can Be Simply Defined As A State Of Being

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Enlightenment can be simply defined as a state of being where an individual has achieved another level of spiritual and or intellectual consciousness. Buddha accomplished this and more. He has done so much to impact life during his time, that his teachings rippled throughout society which causes similarities and differences today. The repercussion that he caused can be compared and contrasted to today’s norms, values, and spiritual beliefs. What are norms? A norm can be described as a standard, model or pattern that has been accepted and used throughout society. The Buddha, before he became enlightened, was part of a group called the youth. The youth of his time and our time are akin in numerous scenarios. Primarily, the youth from both …show more content…

This can tie into todays’s youth with the fact that this kind of behavior resonates during every single generation. Every person will go through a ‘phase’ where they feel confused or awkward need either an answer or an outlet for it. Some examples are in the 60’s to 70’s were drugs, 80’s to 90’s rock and roll was the bee’s knees, 2000 to today its the internet, video games, and social media. However the exact details of each generation can be argued. The main point is to shine light upon the social trend they surround themselves in because its what they believe to be right or at the very least, to find any answer that they are looking for. The last point on youth is the conclusion that the juvenile will purposely put themselves through suffering to achieve their goals. In the case of the Buddha, “If I sought to feel my belly, it was my backbone which I found in my grasp; if I sought to feel my backbone, I found myself grasping my belly, so closely did my belly cleave to my backbone;-and all because I ate so little. If for ease of body I chafed my limbs, the hairs of my body fell away under my hand, rotted at their roots;-and all because I ate so little.” He gave up his privileged life, became a hermit that lived in the woods and away from other people, malnourished his body and even battled Kāmadeva, the god of desire, all to achieve this enlightened state. Currently, the

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