Enron Code Of Ethics

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The bad corporate culture at Enron deeply contributed to ethics digressions while pointing out how it led to its bankruptcy. A corporate code of ethics as well as an organizational culture are not only essential and vital to a company; they represent the core of a long term success. Notwithstanding the presence of “The Smartest Guys in the Room”, Enron’s corporate culture did not succeed in creating an ethical environment inside the company. Enron was a company set up in 1985 by Kennet Lay, an ambitious and visionary man, who saw great potential from government deregulation in the energy market. Lay created Enron, through a merger between two small regional companies, Houston Natural Gas [1] and InterNorth [2]. The company …show more content…

The top managers operated in a corrupted fashion They did not even try to produce a positive symbolic management within the organization. Thus, the failure of the company was also the reflection of their moral failing. As a matter of fact, not only there was an aggressive and arrogant culture, but managers were mainly driven by corruption, and greed. They had no space for ethics; their main goal was trading for financial gains. Managers at Enron did not focus on long term goals. Moreover, they did not take care of their shareholders. Executives had neither an open relationship nor a shared vision with their employees. Instead, they were only interested in enriching themselves; according to their philosophy any situation could bring profits, even though this might involve crossing ethical lines. Indeed, the culture of pride, arrogance and greed at Enron made executives look for whichever solution in order to get more and more profits. Because executives wanted to benefit themselves first, all the decisions they took in the board room were made on the only account of how they could earn more. For all the above-mentioned reasons, operational and financial controls were inadequate,

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