Environment Protection Is A Country 's Fundamental Policy

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Environment protection is a country’s fundamental policy. Globalization has encouraged TNCs to move from their mother countries to hosr countries in pursuit of more profit. This has caused serious pollution problems. To maintain their benefits, TNCs are take strategies and using tactics to influence the developing countries’ environmental policy making. They always succeed just because of their own political power behind their financial strength. This paper explores how and why transnational corporations seek to influence host countries’ environmental policy, and explains what is the source of their strong political power, and discuss how TNCs can play a positive role in environmental protection.

TNCs’ environmental responsibilities are becoming particularly a matter of urgent concerns, heavy emphasis and worthy research. All corporates should be theoretically obligated to fullfil their social accountabilities including the environmental ones because their manufacturing and managing activities impact on the environment, but TNCs are playing a more crucial role in their host countries’ sustainable development because of their massive sizes and powerful strength. They can cast the governments aside and have the power to move all or part of their business overseas.They should not treat the host countries as their pollution pouring zones and profit from overseas weak environment.

A transnational corporation differs from a traditional multinational corporation in that
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